LIWP has helped hundreds of residents to lower their bills, save energy, and fix up their homes. We are able to provide thousands of dollars in upgrades for many homes. View our success stories to learn how we’ve helped others.

Kristen Kalski and son

Restoring a Home—and Family—to Good Health

Thanks to FREE home upgrades through the Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP), single-mom Kristen Kalski found relief from astronomical utility bills and troubling health and safety issues. Read on to learn …

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LIWP 是什么?

这项低收入防寒保暖计划(LIWP)可帮助房主和租户降低他们每月公用事业账单的金额,让他们拥有一个高效节能且舒适的家。LIWP 是由加利福尼亚州社区服务与发展部创办的一项计划,由加利福尼亚州气候投资倡议提供资金支持。加入 LIWP,改善您的家居,创造就业机会,帮助加利福尼亚州与气候变化作斗争!